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Integrated Body Arts, the first Philippine Pilates Studio, was established in the heart of Makati City in 1996. It is a fully equipped Pilates studio offering professional and personalized Pilates instruction. The full-service studio teaches the True Pilates Method with all instructors certified by Romana’s Pilates International®. We offer personalized Pilates instruction using top of the line Gratz Pilates apparatus: 5 Reformers, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, High Chair, Barrels, Guillotine, Pedipole and other smaller apparatus. We teach the system of exercises based on the underlying philosophy originally developed and taught by Joseph and Clara Pilates, as handed down to protege Romana Kryzanowska.

Integrated Body Arts offers the only Romana’s Pilates International® Teacher Certification Program in the Philippines under the supervision of Cecilia Sicangco Ibarrola, Master Instructor Trainer, Level 2.

Integrated Body Arts welcomes people of all fitness levels to experience the benefits of the Pilates method in its true and original form. Time has proven that the traditional work of Joe Pilates works.

“Physical fitness can neither be achieved by wishful thinking nor outright purchase.” - Joseph Pilates


Our In-House Instructors


Romana's Pilates International® Philippines Instructors

# Romana's Pilates Instructors Location Date Certified Last CPE Attended Email Address/Website
1 Cecilia Sicangco Ibarrola Makati City 1995 July 2023 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA www.ibapilates.com
2 Linzi Arellano-Co Quezon City 2001 February 2020 - Manila, Philippines www.purepilates.com
3 Judell Trician De Guzman-Sicam Mandaluyong City 2001 February 2023 - Manila, Philippines judelldeguzmansicam@yahoo.com
4 Ariel LLanillo San Juan City 2002 March 2010 - Manila, Philippines
5 Brando Miranda Makati City 2003 February 2023 - Manila, Philippines www.ibapilates.com
6 Cindy Espinas-Valdez Muntinlupa City 2004 February 2023 - Manila, Philippines clcespinas@yahoo.com
7 Andrea Mercado-Miguel Makati City 2005 February 2021 - Manila, Philippines pilatesinstituemanila@yahoo.com
8 Debbie Yabut Ayala Alabang 2011 February 2023 - Manila, Philippines www.ibapilates.com
9 Heidi Alemania Makati City 2013 February 2023 - Manila, Philippines www.ibapilates.com
10 Charmaine Cheng Makati City 2013 February 2023 - Manila, Philippines www.ibapilates.com
11 Molly Lomuljo Davao City 2014 March 2015 - Manila, Philippines www.ibapilates.com
12 Princess Lishen Marie G. Joson Quezon City 2015 February 2023 - Manila, Philippines princessjoson@gmail.com
13 Annette Cruz Mariano Parañaque City 2017 February 2023 - Manila, Philippines annettemariano@yahoo.com
14 Jeannie “Annie” Chua Quezon City 2017 February 2023 - Manila, Philippines annielchua@yahoo.com
15 Anna "Nikki" Florentino Makati City 2018 February 2019 - Manila, Philippines florentino.nikki@gmail.com
16 Kris-Belle Mamangun Makati City 2018 February 2023 - Manila, Philippines www.ibapilates.com
17 Mara Aboitiz-Francisco Makati City 2020 July 2023 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA www.ibapilates.com
18 Maribeth L. Santos Makati City 2021 February 2023 - Manila, Philippines www.ibapilates.com
19 Seulki Kim Makati City 2022 February 2023 - Manila, Philippines www.ibapilates.com
20 Darrell Omar D. Sicam Mandaluyong City 2022 February 2023 - Manila, Philippines dpsicam@yahoo.com




A highly individualized session with a certified instructor creating a personalized exercise program designed according to one’s specific body. A private session is 50 minutes in length basically utilizing the apparatus and performing matwork exercises. Other smaller equipments may be supplemented to address other areas of weakness in the body.


A duet session wherein two individuals, who are of a similar competent level, work together with one certified instructor on Pilates apparatus. Clients must have undergone previous private sessions.


A solo is a session without an instructor but must be approved by the studio. A certified instructor must be on the floor premises during the session. A solo workout must take place within the hour and is dependent upon the off peak hours of the studio.



Pilates (pronounced puh-LAH-tees) is a full body exercise program consisting of more than 500 controlled movements engaging the mind and body. Developed by Joseph Hubertus Pilates in the 1920s, the method was originally called “The Art of Contrology” or muscle control. He recognized that the mobility of the body was controlled by the motor functions of the brain. The system emphasizes concentration, muscle control & balance, flexibility and strength, breathing and body alignment.

The focus of the method is the “Powerhouse”, the girdle of strength that includes the abdominal and lower back muscles, the pelvic floor, muscles around the hips and the buttocks. Increasing core strength keeps the body balanced and are essential in supporting the spine. The system involves low-impact exercises to stretch and strengthen the muscles on specially designed exercise apparatus and on the mat as supervised by rigorously trained instructors. Pilates requires few repetitions focusing on the quality of movement more than quantity, emphasizing complete concentration and breathing patterns creating a total mind and body workout. Pilates is a lifelong fitness regimen for everyone regardless of age or fitness level.


Teachers Program




Our program trains instructors in Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Systems of the Romana’s Pilates International® Method. It includes a seminar for each stage that runs for two to three days in length. Seminars must be taken in consecutive order and full attendance at each seminar is required. In the seminars, you will learn how to assess new clients and body types, teach specific exercises according to the clients' ability, learn the modifications for each exercise, use verbal cues and hand placement to guide clients through the exercises, as well as ingraining safety. You will be taught to use all apparatus and become familiar with how each one operates and what it is specifically designed for.


All these stages add up to a total of no less than 750 hours of practical training that includes;

* Actively observing certified teachers
* Assisting the teachers with client when required
* Practice teaching other apprentices and student clients
* Attending fortnightly apprentice meetings with discussions, direct feedback, and client case studies and review
* Recommended minimum of 25 hours per week


As part of the training, apprentices are required to complete regular private and/or duet lessons with one of our certified instructors during the certification program. This allows the student to continue their personal kinesthetic growth as well as expose them to a variety of teaching techniques and styles.


At each stage, each student is taken through a practical exam that involves teaching a lesson to a client while being observed and graded. Exams are graded using a standardized test form and take up to 2 hours.

Written exams are required for the intermediate and advanced stages. The student will need to describe a workout for a specific individual addressing his/her individual limitations or goals. All exams are graded on a pass or fail basis.

If for any reason a student fails either exam, they will always be given feedback and the opportunity to re-test.

For more information on the course fees, please click on Fees and Events.


How to Apply

Before considering a career as an instructor you must first be at an intermediate level in the Romana’s Pilates International® method and have a good understanding of the basic Pilates principles. This will insure your own physical safety as we encourage all participants to actively do the work in the Pilates method repertoire.

STEP ONE You will need to download and submit an application form to enroll.

STEP TWO An interview with a leveled instructor at Integrated Body Arts Pilates Studio will need to be successfully completed.

STEP THREE Schedule and pay for practical assessment with a leveled instructor during which you will perform an intermediate workout to determine your knowledge and competence in The The Romana’s Pilates International® method. . Assessment and interview can be completed in the same day.

STEP FOUR Make a booking to begin Basic Training Seminar. Begin fulfilling required hours in observation and practice at designated certifying studio.

Application Form


Romana’s Pilates International®

Teacher Certification Program

Course Fees @ Integrated Body Arts, Manila



  • Romana's Pilates International®
  • Registration Fee - $300.00
  • Administration Fee - $300.00
  • Assessment Fee - $150.00

Stage 1: Basic Seminar


  • Basic Seminar - $1000
  • Independent Study Fee - $ 250
  • Five(5) Private Lessons (Required) - $450
  • Practical Test - $250

Stage 2: Intermediate Seminar


  • Intermediate Seminar - $1200
  • Independent Study Fee - 250
  • Five(5) Private Lessons (Required) - $450
  • Written Test - $200
  • Practical Test - $200

Stage 3: Advance Seminar


  • Advance Seminar - $1500
  • Independent Study Fee - 250
  • Five(5) Private Lessons (Required) - $450
  • Written Test - $300
  • Practical Test - $300

Money Transfer Details:

  • *US$15-Additional Bank Cable Charge(For International Remittance only)
  • Banco De Oro Unibank, Inc.
  • Jupiter-Reposo Makati Branch
  • Philippines 1209
  • Swift Code: BNORPHMM
  • Account Name: Cecilia S. Ibarrola
  • USD Savings Account No. 106940010997

*Kindly send us an email notice once payment is deposited

INDEPENDENT STUDY FEE at each stage of the seminar covers:
* Meetings and guidance by your leveled instructor at the studio
* Studio meetings and tutorials preparing you for written tests
* An additional $250 Independent Study Fee may be added after 12 months if you still have not completed the program


Events 2023

Pilates for Dancers

Pilates for Dancers


The Dancers Advantage

Our goal at Integrated Body Arts Pilates Studio is to help each dancer reach a deeper awareness in becoming stronger and healthier in their dancing career. We are here to work and balance rthe body, to enhance its strenghts and improve its weakness. We work with the dancers to get the most out of their bodies, to give them an advantage..The Dancers Advantage.

The Program

Open to dancers 13 years old and above, the program consists of sessions designed to improve both body and performance. What is taught in our studio is taken into the body and utilized throughout each dancer's movement. All sessions are under the guidance of certified Pilates Instructor Cecile Sicangco Ibarrola.

Cecile Sicangco Ibarrola

Cecile, a former principal dancer and Artistic Director of Ballet Phillipines, has danced professionally for 25 years here and abroad prior to her retirement from the stage in 2002. In 1995, she earned her Pilates with Joseph Pilates Protege and master instructor Romana Kryzanowska and prioneered the Pilates method in the Philippines. Married to Jinn Ibarrola, former principal dancer of Ballet Philippines, the husband and wife team now own and run Integrated Body Arts Pilates Studio.

"Because of my dance background, I really would like an affordable dancer rate for Pilates sessions. It's been my dream to design a program exclusively for dancers. Now, dancers previously unable to take Pilates have access to excellent Pilates training to enhance their careers and avoid injuries."


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